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Goliath "Deluxe Edition" Announced; Scoop: New Music Video This Week

March 24th, 2015: The band has announced via their official Facebook page that next Tuesday, March 31st, the Goliath "Deluxe Edition" will be released on iTunes! This version will include three bonus tracks, plus a fourth not-so-secret track. Quoth their post:

  • Am I In Sync? (Missing Link Version)
  • Foils on 45
  • Goliath: A Conversation with Donald Miller & Steve Taylor
  • (Plus secret hidden track)

In addition, a bigger scoop has been received by this site: Later this week a new music video from Goliath will be released on a "MAJOR entertainment site", and the anonymous source completely unaffiliated with the band was excited to share that "it's our favorite video so far".

New Music This Month; Still Web Sites Run Deep

March 10th, 2015: We've been in a holding pattern for the past two months simply because there hasn't been much to report that couldn't have been gleaned from the Perfect Foil's official Facebook and Twitter, both of which you should be following for the most up-to-date information. Concert dates have been announced in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis--cast your eyes rightward to the sidebar for dates and links.

However, something we can report that isn't being seen elsewhere right now is that not only are there "lots" more tour dates on the way, there will also be new music from the band coming this month! The source on this one is solid.

In other site news, long time Sock Heaven collaborater Elias Coblentz has procured a mountain of materials that he has generously shared and which will be scanned and added to the Press Archive and Gallery. Highlights include the complete Clone, Meltdown, and Chagall Guevara press kits, and many sets of photos and negatives from early concerts going as far back as 1983!

Jimmy Abegg Says Another Foil Album "Likely"

December 27th, 2014: The latest in a series of "ask the artist" videos features Jimmy Abegg (embedded below), who, on the subject of The Perfect Foil doing another album together, says:

I think that is likely. We have plans for not just one record, but multiple records. We're not fooling around.

In other news, there are now concert pictures from NewSound '86 in the gallery, courtesy of an anonymous contributor. There are also two new entries in the discography. The first, Legacy: Out Of The Box, is an anthology of Taylor tracks compiled and released in 2010 that was brought to our attention by Norman Weatherly. The second is "Hero (For JR, With Thanks)", the recently-released new version of Hero re-recorded for a Kickstarter backer with deep pockets. Thanks for letting everyone benefit from your largess, JR!

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Even More Photo Gallery Additions

December 12th, 2014: More photo gallery additions today. The first are two more photo sets from Perfect Foil shows: Bill Jacomet has shared Dallas, TX and Liz Baumeister sent us Blakely, PA.

There's also two non-Foil additions this time. The first is a set of photos from the Keyser, WV stop on the Squinternational tour on October 23rd, 1994, thanks to Gary Hough. The second is the Taylor-Walsh Trans-Atlantic Tour book, which was a book of tour locations and itinerary used by the staff on the tour.

Please contact me if you have something to share!

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The Film Steve Has Been Hiding From You (Unless You've Heard Of YouTube)

December 10th, 2014: Jon Neill writes to point us to Spy vs. Guy, a short film starring one Herr Taylor as a retired Russian spy hunting down dangerous technology that has fallen into unsuspecting hands. Or, as one YouTube commenter puts it, "Steve Freaking Taylor as Wile E. Coyote". Very funny and well done, and well worth spending 15 minutes on. Embed follows.

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Behind The Songs On Goliath

December 5th, 2014: Thanks to Caleb Rackley for pointing us to a NewReleaseTuesday article we missed in which Steve shares the stories behind each and every song on Goliath. Perhaps most interesting is the note about "Comedian":

I started this song twenty years ago and have been working on the lyric ever since -- I doubt a week ever passed when it wasn't rolling around in my head. The form seemed so rich with possibilities, like an intricate puzzle, and I just didn't want to screw it up. When I brought it to the band, it was very sparse, but we turned it into a pretty epic track in the studio, which inspired the more ambitious lyrical dialectic with God. This one was a bit like making a movie: long gestation, multiple false starts, fiercely trying to protect the essential idea, and praying something tolerable comes out the other end. There are so many ways these things can go wrong, so when they go right it feels like a miracle.

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"The Adventures of Bannerman" Now In Gallery

December 5th, 2014: New in the gallery section today is "The Adventures of Bannerman", a comic book that was the "limited edition souvenir program" for the Squinternational Tour in 1995.

Update: Additionally, we have four more sets of Perfect Foil concert photos: Columbus, OH thanks to John McCollum, Hollywood, CA thanks to Sonn Eidem, and Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN (with the Chagall Guevara reunion) thanks to Wheat Williams.

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Complete Chagall Guevara Reunion Video

November 23rd, 2014: Thanks to Robert Berman, a video of the complete Chagall Guevara two-song reunion at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, minus Wade Jaynes:

Tour Information

Next Appearance  •  March 26th
El Corazon  •  Seattle, WA

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil have released their new album Goliath, Buy the album now on iTunes, Amazon (download or CD), or from the band's shop. The band, along with the Peter Furler Band, are performing a few dates now to celebrate the release, and will tour more extensively very soon in support of the album. The most active sources of new information are the band's official social media outlets linked below, and the Kickstarter project's update page.

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[Re-]Tweets From The Band

Free Streaming Show

Michael Tolosa filmed the Columbia, MD show, and has shared it with the world! Use Vimeo's "couch mode" to play the whole show. You can also download it in MP3 format (108MB archive) thanks to Kevin Lofgren.

Tour Schedule

Official Tour Schedule

March 26th El Corazon
Seattle, WA
March 27th Alhambra Theatre
Portland, OR
March 30th The Hotel Cafe
Los Angeles, CA
April 4th Easterfest
Toowoomba, Australia
April 21st Webster Hall
New York, NY
April 30th Fine Line Music Cafe
Minneapolis, MN
August 7th SoulFest
Gilford, NH

Past Shows

November 21st Album Release Party
Nashville, TN
November 20th National Youth
Workers Convention

Atlanta, GA
Note: Private show.
November 19th Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
November 18th Grimey's
Nashville, TN
October 5th Reno, NV
October 4th Rock Of Ages Festival
Calistoga, CA
October 3rd Fresno, CA
October 2nd National Youth
Workers Convention
Sacramento, CA
Note: Private show.
October 1st West Hollywood, CA
August 9th SoulFest
Gilford, NH
July 5th AudioFeed Festival
Urbana, IL
May 19th Tulsa, OK
May 18th San Antonio, TX
May 17th Odessa, TX
May 16th Dallas, TX
May 4th Manheim, PA
May 3rd Columbia, MD
May 2nd Blakely, PA
May 1st Columbus, OH
April 30th Akron, OH
April 28th Vienna, VA
April 27th Charlotte, NC
April 25th Nashville, TN

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