[Image: 'Wow To The Deadness' Front Cover]



Tell me when it is safe
Safe to say never again?

Don't let them see you sweat
Say what you want we know how it ends

No one's here
What can they do
To me now

Taking swings at holiday meals
It hurts to laugh but it's starting to heal

I'm singing through all the rain
Hey is it time to dream again

I quit
Make some room
Stir the gift

I can't trust the word free
The sun coming up is embarrassing me

No one's been here before
Our cup's running over onto the floor

If you lie the game will go void
My secrets are getting so paranoid

Where was I all these years
Our aim's who I am there's no need for tears

Being tossed
To and fro
Point and laugh
Get well soon

Don't run
Walk outside
Fear not
Let yourself go

So as you are so are we to
Freely be as we are to be

The earth waits
So expectant
For the kids
To be revealed

Be still
And speak
Day by day
My delight
My delight

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