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Steve Taylor's Personal Facebook Page

Steve Taylor's official personal Facebook page.

Steve Taylor's Facebook Fan Page

Originally started by a fan, this page is also updated by Steve.

Listen To Dave Perkins

Dave Perkin's official web site. Look in the "pics" section for a photo from the "Violent Blue" music video shoot.

Dave Perkins on MySpace

Dave Perkins' MySpace page, with news and history about his musical work and songs to listen to.

Usenet Posts

Steve's posts to during a few weeks in 1995.

Wikipedia: Steve Taylor

Wikipedia: Chagall Guevara

Wikipedia is a project that aims to create a free content encyclopedia. These articles were created over time by the contributions of Wikipedia users.

Unofficial Social Sites

Unofficial Chagall Guevara Facebook

Norvin Coblent's Chagall Guevara Facebook fan page.

Unofficial Chagall Guevara MySpace

Norvin Coblent's MySpace Chagall Guevara fan site.

Unofficial Chagall Guevara MySpace

Josh Jackson's MySpace Chagall Guevara fan site.

Unofficial Steve Taylor MySpace

Ryan Creek's MySpace Steve Taylor fan site.

Fan Sites

On The Fritz

KingDavid8's older page with news and MP3 downloads of full albums.

Tale o' the Web Page

Mint Shows' site. He gave me a swell plug and a pat on the back on his page. What a nice guy. ;-)

The Steve Taylor Resource

A fan site with guitar tabs.

The steve-taylor Mailing List

An archive of an email discussion group concerning Steve.