Site News & Updates In 2006

Site Update

November 2nd: Five new press releases:

Bootleg Downloads Via BitTorrent

September 14th: All bootlegs (minus the supplanted "12 Songs") can now be downloaded via BitTorrent from the Sock Heaven tracker. Find the bootleg you want in the bootleg list, click it, then download the torrent. If you download the bootlegs, please continue to seed for as long as possible to help out. More bootlegs are coming!

Site Update

September 10th: A new (three-month-old) interview with Steve:

Dave Perkins on MySpace: New Album This Year

July 15th: Dave Perkins now has a MySpace page, and on it he announces a new album coming this year titled Ultra-Fix. He has also uploaded three new songs for the world to hear.

Norvin Coblentz reports: "He sent me a message that says: 'I have returned to my blues roots for this project, which allows me room for guitar improvisation--especially in the live context. I hope you and others like the CD when it's finished.'"

Site Update

May 31st: One new article:

Watch The Violent Blue Music Video Online

May 31st: Chagall Guevara's only music video can be streamed from their artist page on AOL Music. Once there, look for the "Watch the 'Violent Blue' video" link, or click here to go directly to the video.

Eight New Second Chance Articles

February 23rd: Eight new articles about The Second Chance:

The Second Chance Is Released

February 17th, 2006: The Second Chance is released in theaters. Check the official web site for theaters and showtimes.

A Very Special Message From Steve Taylor:

Those of you who know me know that a deficit of talent, aptitude and funding has never stopped me from pursuing a new career.

The latest result opens this Friday, February 17th at a theater quite possibly near you. It's called THE SECOND CHANCE, it's been picked up by Sony Pictures Distribution, and despite my inexperience as a writer/director, it turned out reasonably well due to a number of factors beyond my control.

It's not like you owe me anything just because we're pals, but if you go to you can find out if and where the movie's playing in your area. And I don't expect anyone to drive more than, say, six hours to buy a ticket (even though I'd gladly make the trek for your major motion picture debut).

Feel free to forward this to all your "email pals." I'm told that if enough of you pay to see THE SECOND CHANCE on its opening weekend, you'll send a "message to Hollywood."

Your pal,