Video: Steve Taylor - Squint

Autographs For The Sick (AFTS) Scandal Sheet #19
Q2(?) 1994
© 1994 Scott Russell
Thanks to Dan Kennedy

Warner Alliance 1993

Let's be frank. Christian videos, or better, Alternative Christian Videos are few and far between. I can count on one hand the number of "decent" Christian videos I have seen in the past year that might have a chance outside of CCM-TV.

Enter Steve Taylor. Any casual fan of this man's past knows he has a passion for video making. His Limelight and I Predict 1990 projects were and still are unique in Alternative Christian Music, especially considering they predate "alternative music." While you may lump Herr Taylor in with so many other Christian pop artists, this man is a rebel at heart. Even Chagall Guevara released a charming video for "Violent Blue."

Before you watch Squint: the Movie, consider the title well. Rather than a series of concept videos constructed around the themes expressed in the songs, this project more resembles a travelog. Yes, Steve and his crew spanned the globe and filmed Steve singing his songs in some wild locations.

There are moments of brilliant humor here, as well as times where I wonder, "What was he thinking?"

Because good Christian videos are such a rarity, I guess I feel somewhat let down. Cuts like "Smug" and "The Lament..." are rife with imagery that had me anxiously waiting to see Steve's visualization of them. There are moving and inspired moments, but I was expecting something different. "Sock Heaven" is well made, but I kept waiting to see a dryer or laundromat. Perhaps this was some point Steve and the crew were trying to make; perhaps not. Perhaps that's Steve's last clean sock sailing into the river.

"Bannerman" really works well. I laughed. With me, that says alot. "Cash Cow" is surreal enough to hold my attention, but borders on sloppy in places. "Finish Line" is the most MTV-ish of the lot, with nice effects. The hilarious "swat team" segment and Phil Madiera's "smug guy" are also memorable. All in all, Steve's humor and talent keep this project on the plus side. When seen separately, these buts will be more impressive; as a package, you may need a dramamine. ***3/4