Steve Taylor Video Works Steve Taylor

CCM Magazine
April 1986 Volume 8 Number 10
© 1986 CCM Publications, Inc.
Pages 43-44

Compilation produced by Lisa Hendricks. SPARROW HOME VIDEO.

Steve Taylor Video Works is a collection featuring Taylor's popular "Meltdown" and "Lifeboat" videos plus two excerpts from his concert film, Limelight. The program also incorporates interview footage which, like the concert, was filmed at the Greenbelt Festival in England. The compilation is paced well, and "I Want to Be a Clone" and "On the Fritz" serve as great teasers for the full-length film.

Though this product is available for sale at a $19.95 list, the film in 16mm and video formats is currently being made available for rental only from Sparrow. Video Works concludes with an exciting preview of Limelight that would make any Taylor fan want to see it.

Despite the fact that "Meltdown" has been made commercially available before (as a "video single" with Sheila Walsh's "Mystery"), the superior hi-fi audio format and the inclusion of the live material make Steve Taylor Video Works a worthwhile purchase.

Thom Granger