Steve Taylor Limelight: The Film Directed by John Aneman Sparrow Video

CCM Magazine
November 1987 Volume 10 Number 5
© 1987 CCM Publications, Inc.
Page 36

At long last, Limelight has become available for purchase of rental through Christian retail outlets. Sparrow had heretofore tried it in the church rental market, but with their new "Wrap It Up" promotion, the timing must be right for Limelight to hit the racks. The price is right, too--just $24.95.

It's a good film, shot on film rather than video, in England at Taylor's performance on the Greenbelt stage in 1985. More than anything, it affirms this artist's value to the ministry of contemporary Christian music. Taylor's use of scathing satire slashes with a determined sobriety that intends to heal what is hurt. "On the Fritz," "Sin for a Season," and "(We Don't Need No) Colour Code" are downright lethal in making their respective poitns and, make no mistake about it, this stuff is plenty relevant in 1987.

What does come off a bit dated, however, are some of the goofier musical moments like "I Wanna Be a Clone" and "This Disco." Taylor would do well to ensure the longevity of these messages with less trendy music. But it's a small complaint, and more than anything I was left feeling overwhelmed by his effectiveness, and looking forward to his new material.

On the technical side the film looks good, though the mix leaves a bit to be desired. Jeff Stone's guitar parts are buried too low for my liking, still it's nonetheless refreshing to have a concert video apparently free of after-the-fact studio sweetening. Don't be too late to jump on the bandwagon, er, lifeboat, and pick up Limelight. This one's worth it.