Music Review: Liver

Charisma & Christian Life
July 1995 Volume 20 Issue 12
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Page 77

LiveR, by Steve Taylor, Warner Alliance.

Finally, it was here. I grabbed my copy of LiveR--the much anticipated release from one of the industry's most noted, quoted, demoted and mysteriously re-promoted artists, Steve Taylor--and stole away to my office with much anticipation. Beads of sweat streamed down my face as my fumbling fingers tried frantically to start the tape player.

And thus began my journey into the timeless world of Steve Taylor, whose poignant messages and unique "deLiveRy" have entertained and challenged Christians for over 12 years. Spanning Steve's career from beginning to present, LiveR's nonstop groove will keep you longing for more. Re-covering early favorites "I Wanna Be a Clone" and the classic "On the Fritz," this album cooks into the '90s with renditions of "Bannerman" and "The Finish Line." But that's not all. Incredibly, Steve and the band included Chagall Guevara hits "Violent Blue" and "Escher's World" as well.

With the onset of digital technology, the ability to "fix the mistakes" in the studio has become a common practice in every musical genre. Not so with LiveR. This is a "true live" recording with no dubs or vocal punches. It sounds incredible.

So grab your Bibles and hold on to your hats, Steve Taylor fans the world over will be serving up LiveR, and begging for more.

--Shawn Morrison