Music Review: I Want To Be A Clone

Cornerstone Magazine Volume 11 Issue 64
© 1983 Jesus People USA
Page 36

Steve Taylor
SPR 1063

What makes this album so special is the knife-edge lyrics that knock you back in your seat, grab you by the collar, and force you to pay attention no matter what you may think of the melodies (or subjective lack thereof) of new wave.

Steve sears peer pressure and mediocrity in today's church in I Want to Be a Clone: "Their language it was new to me / But Christianese got through to me / Now I can speak it fluently / I want to be a clone... / Now I see the whole design / My church is an assembly line/ The parts are there / I'm feeling fine / I want to be a clone!"

One of the biggest gaps in the abortion issue is the different definitions used by opposing sides. "Bad Rap" ignores the rhetoric and describes reality: "You save the whales / You save the seals / You save whatever's cute and squeals / But you kill 'that thing' / That's in the womb... Convenience is the law you keep / And your compassion's ankle deep."

He finishes the album by asking "Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Numbers Up?": You say humanist philosophy is / What it's all about / You're so open-minded / That your brain's leaked out!... Whatcha gonna do when your number's up / And you're buried six feet underground?"

The album sells for a bargain price of $4.98 but only contains six songs (about eighteen minutes worth).

This is going to be one of the top albums of what promises to be a good year for Christian rock.

-- Ross Pavlac