Steve Taylor Now the Truth Can Be Told (Video) (Sparrow)

The Lighthouse
October 1994
© 1994 Polarized Publications

Seventy minutes to scan the career of an artist. It's possible, but not accurate, or is it? For Taylor, it captures his most redeeming quality, his odd and cynical sense of humor.

The project offers some examples of his famous video collection, including: "Jim Morrison's Grave," "Since I Gave up Hope I Feel a Lot Better," "I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good," "Babylon," "A Principled Man," "Lifeboat," and "Meltdown." Also included are the promotional video for Chagall Guevara, "I Predictionary"--a short video to promote I Predict 1990, "The Lost Interview" from the 700 Club with Steve Taylor and Amy Grant, some promotional footage Taylor directed for Greenbelt, and two of his student film projects.

The two film efforts are interesting to say the least. They're a bit too hard to describe without spoiling the fun, so if you understand Taylor, they'll make sense...

As they say, if you're a fan, you won't want to be without this--I know I wouldn't.

Roger Appelinski