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16. Steve Taylor: Rebel with a Reason - CCM Magazine, February 1986
... lifer doesn't mean I automatically buy into the full agenda of the Christian right. We've got to question this ...
Location: /press/articles/ccm_198602/
17. Steve Taylor Comments On His Ministry - Gospel Music Today, July/August/September 1987
... right wing and conservative and tied into a whole national agenda, and I'm definitely not coming from that point of ...
Location: /press/articles/word_198707-09/
18. Steve Taylor Cornerstone 2003 Press Conference - Bushnell, IL, July 4th, 2003
... of course, making sure we all keep Africa on our agenda as it is a looming catastrophe. It can be stopped ...
Location: /press/interviews/cornerstone_20030704/
19. Steve Taylor Interview - Nashville, TN, June 16th, 2006
... even though you tabbed yourselves as the band with no agenda religious or otherwise... ST: Right. NC: How did you guys ...
Location: /press/interviews/nc_20060616/
20. Dave Perkins: Still remembered for Chagall Guevara and his 'Pistol City Holiness' CD - Cross Rhythms, August 30th, 2013
... in our plans, possibly some spiritual ideas but no hidden agenda. We felt it would be difficult, unfair and frustrating to ...
Location: /press/articles/crossrhythms_20130830/
21. Chagall Guevara MCA Press Release - January 1991
... passing strange I fell to the wide-eyed opposite my agenda was hidden well now I don't know where I ...
Location: /press/promo/chagall/
22. Song: Bannerman - Album: Squint - Artist: Steve Taylor
... in the band were Christians, but we had no specific agenda as far as Christianity or anything like that. I guess ...
Location: /discography/taylor/squint/bannerman/
23. Song: Escher's World - Album: Chagall Guevara - Artist: Chagall Guevara
... passing strange I fell To the wide-eyed opposite My agenda was hidden well Now I don't know where I ...
Location: /discography/chagall/chagall/eschers_world/