Creation 1988


Creation Festival 1988 (DVD)

This DVD features two angles: the original, unaltered video, and a stabilized version. It also features two audio tracks: the original, unaltered video, and a version with the low end touched up.

Unfortunately this show is cut in my places, with the first few and/or last moments of songs missing. Only the intro guitar for "What Is The Measure Of Your Success?" is here.

Thanks to "D. Rex" for providing the DVD source from his collection, and to David Anderson for procuring it and passing it on.

Standard: NTSC
Runtime: 41:12


  1. Jung And The Restless
  2. On The Fritz (Cut)
  3. I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good
  4. Innocence Lost
  5. Hero (Cut)
  6. I Want To Be A Clone (Cut)
  7. Meltdown (Cut)
  8. Jim Morrison's Grave
  9. We Don't Need No Colour Code


  1. Audience NTSC handheld camera recording
  2. NTSC VHS to NTSC DVD conversion via set-top box, audio encoded 256kbps AC3
  3. DVD ripped to elementary streams with DVD Decrypter
  4. MPEG2 video stream converted to Huffyuv-encoded AVI for lossless editing in VirtualDub
  5. For the stabilized version, VirtualDub was used to stabilize the video with Gunnar Thalin's Deshaker 2.2 plugin
  6. AVIs encoded to MPEG2 with Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) (3-pass CBR 6700kbps)
  7. Touched-up audio created with Adobe Audition 2
  8. Touched-up audio compressed to AC3 with TMPGEnc AC3 Plugin (448kbps) (unaltered audio was not recompressed)
  9. DVD authored with DVD-lab PRO 2.28
  10. ISO created with ImgBurn

MD5 Signatures

217c35070c288e03b59ea7440a611a5f  creation1988.iso


You can download this bootleg via BitTorrent. The files in this torrent are approximately 4.37GB. Click here to download the torrent! After downloading, please continue to seed for as long as possible to help out!